Welcome to Oxbow Lakeside Community Club (OLCC). OLCC is a safe, quiet vacation spot in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario with 98 treed acres and 700 feet of shoreline on Oxbow Lake.

OLCC is a co-operatively owned lesbian cottage community that offers cottages for rent to all gay-positive people.  

Wake up to a beautiful view of the lake and enjoy the scenic surroundings on our private well-treed property on crystal clear, clean, Oxbow Lake. Enjoy the sounds of the loons in the early morning or bask in the magnificent sunsets from the dock. Delight in marshmallow roasts in our fire pit.

We hope your stay here is pleasant and restful. The information provided is general to the Club and we hope it answers all of your questions. For specific information about the cottage you are staying in, please be in touch with the owners or the members they have identified as a contact during your stay. If you have further general questions, feel free to ask any members who are at the lake when you are there.


At OLCC, you are able to enjoy your vacation in a community setting. We welcome everyone to all OLCC events.  We also want to make sure you have as much privacy or social time as you want.

You are welcome to walk anywhere on the property.

When you pass by other cottages do so quietly as most cottages are likely to have owners or other renters staying there. We respect the privacy of others by staying off the decks of other cottages and by not peeking into windows, even if it looks like no one else is there.

If you want to see inside another cottage for possible future rentals, speak to an owner who is on site, and they will see if that request can be arranged.

The Lodge – Our lodge is a beautiful building that offers two spaces for renters to enjoy. There is the Ping-Pong room in the lower level and the screened in porch on the second floor for a larger social area.

Algonquin Park Pass – each year OLCC buys a park pass for all to share. It is located on the bulletin board under the balcony of the Lodge. We ask you to sign it out the day you are using it and returning it to its spot when you return.




The water from the taps comes directly from the lake and is not treated. Tap water is okay for bathing and dishwashing only. All cottages provide safe drinking water in jugs that can be refilled at the fire station located at the corner of Limberlost Road and Highway 60 for free or a donation to the Fire Hall Fund. You can also bring your own water from home, or buy water, however the free water is very good.



Renters may smoke outside the cottage, as long as the second hand smoke isn’t interfering with others. In the Tamarack units, smoking is only allowed a distance away from the units so the smoke will not blow into the other units. Please use ashtrays or pop cans and empty them into the garbage before you depart.



OLCC allows people who rent to have a maximum of 2 pets per cottage at any one time. Dogs of renters must be on leash at all times. Dogs may be off leash to swim in the water so long as the dog owner is with the dog. Dogs belonging to members are more established here and owner may keep them off leash (although they are always under the control of their owners). We also ask that you:

  • Keep your dog off the dock.
  • Not let your dog bark excessively.
  • Pick up and dispose of your dog’s poop.
  • Keep your pets off the furniture in the cottage.

Small children often play at the water’s edge so please keep an eye on your dog when they are in the water so that the children are kept safe and comfortable.


The power often goes off when there is a storm. Should this happen, fill up the bucket in the cottage with water from the lake and use this water to flush (by pouring the water directly into the toilet bowl) – but only when you must. Too many flushes, from too many cottages, will overload/back up the septic system, as the pump in the holding tank (for all the cottages) needs power to run.


Be aware that this is bear country and so you should keep all garbage inside the cottage to prevent unwanted visits!

When you leave, please do not leave any garbage and recycling – in or outside the cottage.

You may either take your garbage and recycling to the dump or take it home with you.  Please don’t take away our blue bin. You may bag up your recycling in one of the garbage bags located in the kitchen.  The local dump (transfer station) is located about 4km back down Limberlost Road. It has bins for household garbage and recycling bins for fibres and for plastic/glass containers.


Dump hours are:

Tuesday and Thursday:                7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday:                                     8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Sunday:                                       10:00 a.m. – 8: 00 p.m.

Holiday Mondays:                         7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



When you arrive, you may back-up to the cottage to unload your stuff. After that, please park in the driveway for your cottage – or in the large lot behind the main Lodge if you are staying in the Tamarack units. You may only have one vehicle parked by the cottage. If you need additional parking, you may use the large lot behind the main Lodge



Renters and guests share the use of the Club watercraft available: two paddleboats, two canoes, two kayaks and several old windsurfing boards that we use as paddleboards. They will all be labelled (OLCC) and are located by the water. When you are finished using the watercraft, please pull all equipment up on the beach and put it lifejackets and small toys back in the boxes provided.

There is also a bin of life jackets for your use, with a variety of sizes. If you have small children, you are encouraged to bring your own to ensure a proper fit and safety on the water.


Always use lifejackets and take a boat safety kit with you

 when you are using any watercraft, as this is the law.

Police patrol our lake and may warn you or charge you!



There is a Club fire pit down by the waterfront you may use and many cottages also have one nearby. Check the fire rating sign at the Fire Station on Limberlost Road. If there is a rating then there would be a fire ban, so you are not allowed to have a fire outside. In addition, if it is a windy night, please do not have a fire for safety reasons.

If the fire rating permits and you decide to have a fire, then you may use the older wood that is provided near the firepit. Using twigs and small pieces of wood from the bush is good for starting your fire.

When you are done, please douse the fire well with lake water to ensure everyone’s safety!


There now is excellent cell phone reception on the property.



Gayness in Muskoka! – Muskoka Pride Community – Established in 2009 Muskoka Pride Community


To provide visibility of and positive inclusion for the LGBTQA community of Muskoka through planning and hosting pride events throughout the community.


To increase awareness of the LGBTQA community of Muskoka and create opportunities for inclusivity within the local region that overcome heterosexism and homo/bi/transphobia providing a safe community for LGBTQA people. 


  • To organize annual pride events in Muskoka Area
  • To promote education in the community about LGBTA culture and community
  • To foster a positive and safe space for all
  • To create opportunities to overcome heterosexism and homo/bi/transphobia

Check out their website for up to date activity listings.



There are many options for shopping in Huntsville, which is a 30 minute drive from OLCC including grocery stores, LCBO, bakeries, a vibrant downtown and many choices for restaurants.

If you head east on Hwy 60 you will come to Dwight which has a small store for groceries and a good butcher who sells fresh fish. There are also a few gift stores in Dwight.

A bit further on, you can turn south on Hwy 35 to go to Dorset for some more small town shopping and there is an LCBO just south of Hwy 60 and in Dorset.

On Hwy 60, just past Hwy 35 is Henrietta’s Bakery – well worth the stop if you love home-baked goods.



The Norseman – fine dining right on Limberlost Road


Muskoka on the Rocks on Hwy 60 at Limberlost Road


The Bush Company Bar and Grill on Hwy 35 south of Hwy 60


Bartlett Lodge – 45 minutes from OLCC into Algonquin Park. This memorable dining experience offers a prix fixe menu with a ride in an antique boat over to the resort. Reservations are a must.


R & L Bistro – Approx. 1 hour from OLCC to Bracebridge. This is a gay-owned and operated award-winning restaurant offers delicious food in a comfortable bright setting. Reservations required. www.rlbistro.ca

Three Guys and a Stove – Hwy 60 – great pub style food from a local chef.


Kawartha Dairy – Hwy 60 – how can you resist locally made ice cream?


Butcher’s Daughter – Hwy 60 – great lunches – soup, salad, sandwiches and baked goods.  http://butchersdaughters.ca

Farmer’s Daughter – Hwy 60 – a speciality food stop with prepared food, baking and fresh produce.  http://fresheverything.ca

You can also check the Trip Advisor for their restaurant recommendations in the Huntsville Ontario area.



We are very lucky to have the Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve Limberlost Road on. They welcome day guests to enjoy their hiking trails for free. You just have to go in through the gates to sign in. http://limberlostforest.com

Algonquin Park – Algonquin Park is about a 40 minute drive to Algonquin Park, east on Hwy 60. OLCC buys a season’s pass for members and guests to use. It is located on the bulletin board under the balcony of the Lodge. Please sign it out when you borrow it and return it the same day. There are many trails, lakes and visitor centres for you to visit and enjoy. http://www.algonquinpark.on.ca

Treetop Treking is available on Hwy 60 near Deerhurst Resort. http://treetoptrekking.com/en/huntsville

Arrowhead Provincial Park offers activities summer and winter. In the winter there is cross country skiing and an ice skating rink through the woods. https://www.ontarioparks.com/park/arrowhead

You can also check the Trip Advisor for their recommendations on things to do in the Huntsville Ontario area.



Huntsville Festival of the Arts offers an amazing line up of entertainment each summer. http://www.huntsvillefestival.on.ca

Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville offers year round programming. http://www.algonquintheatre.ca/en/